Monday, November 18, 2013

Let's make a video

While searching youtube for videos about our cruise ship "Enchantment of the Sea" I realized how challenging it was to find the "ONE" that stood out. This made it very clear to me that we MUST make a few videos while we are on this trip to add more value and appreciation while at sea!

For example, this lady made it feel like LOUD music all the time and I felt a bit sea sick just to watch all her movement .   Let me know what you think of her presentation and suggestions for improvement:

2 comments: said...

"SLOWLY & SMOOTHLY & QUIETLY" SAVES THE DAY -- and our Nerves, and the Videos, and keeps the Migraines 'At Bay'.
Jumpy, & Crookedly Slanted is not Innovative and Smart, it shows a lack of Finesse that definitely isn't Art.

SMAE said...

That comment was in response to the very jumpy, noisy, extremely not well edited on board Video that you showed.